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seo 101

SEO 101 on SEO Scoop

by steph woods on October 6, 2009

Hey kids,

I’ve been getting myself motivated to write more (finally). I have a bunch of ideas for articles on the horizon.

And in case you’re wondering, this is the same Steph Woods as found on my other Steph Woods SEO blog. Which reminds me, apparently there is another Stephanie Wood (no ‘s’ on the end) that is giving me a bad rep in the SEO world. If you come across a Stephanie Wood – with no ‘s’ on the end – and they are doing something (a) shady, or (b) unethical it’s not me.

I’ll also be doing a bi-weekly SEO 101 series on SEO Scoop. Originally I was going to use that material for this site, but SEO Scoop already has an average of 20,000 readers a month. Figured I might as well start there and use those posts to link back here to this site. Makes sense from an increased online visibility point-of-view. This means I need to add more content and a little customization to my poor ol’ neglected blog here ASAP!

Presenting my first post on SEO Scoop: Learn SEO: Maximize Your Time with Google’s Spiders

Delicious treats on the horizon

Delicious treats on the horizon