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Guest Posts

You might have noticed I haven’t written a whole lotta posts here on my blog. I have been doing some guest blogging on SEO Scoop and Search Engine People though. Many of them are comprehensive how-to guides perfect for anyone wanting to learn some SEO basics for their website.

If anyone has any suggestions for posts they would like to see written please let me know. It’s like free marketing advice – so jump on it.

What is Google Local?Google Local was first introduced to us in 2004. Back when the movie Sideways tarnished the reputation of Merlot forever and the founders of Google become billionaires after the company went public. Quick little piece on the difference between Google Local and Google Places (very 101).

Local Search 101: How to Obtain Top Results in Google Maps – I’ve found that most local clients want to be listed in Google Maps for search results. I mean why not? These results show up before the other search results, so it’s prime real estate for highly coveted keywords.

What SEOs Ought to Know About HTML5 – This has been one of my most popular posts to date. It provides an overview of what we can expect with HTML5, why there is a need for it, and some of the more popular tags we will start seeing.

What SEO’s Need to Know About Page Speed – Another one of my more popular posts. Even Marketing Profs wrote a piece on this article (woohoo)! This is a popular topic these days amongst SEOs. Not that page speed is anything new. From a usability POV it’s always been an important factor. But there seems like there is more of a push to speed things up as of late.

Learn SEO: Maximize Your Time with Google’s Spiders – Learn how to maximize your time with Google’s spiders when they come to visit your site. These are the little guys that get your site ranked in Google, so this is important to do. Spiders are your friends!

10 Tips for Creating Calls to Action that Convert – I find this one overlooked more often than I would like to see. Please don’t waste valuable homepage real estate with generic messaging. Think of CTAs as a way to persuade visitors to complete the actions you want them to take. CTAs are so important for improving online ROI.

Marketing 101: Sell Benefits and Not Features - This is a post that I want every single person I ever do marketing for to read. People have a tendency to create snappy taglines to splash across their homepage instead of focusing on what your visitor wants. There is a way to connect with your customer on an emotional level and it is your job to find it. I personally think coming up with great ways to promote benefits is fun!

Website Redesign Checklist: SEO 101 – Before you embark on that big site redesign, be sure to check over this list. Even if you are paying someone to do a redesign for you, I wouldn’t count on them doing all of this unless you have an internet marketer on board. You want to ensure you have a good foundation if you plan on getting found by the search engines. Plus you don’t want to risk losing any internet cred you might have already built up.

Louis Vuitton VS. Google: The Importance of Online Reputation Management – This post provides insightful ideas for managing your online reputation. P.S. If you happen to be doing marketing for Louis Vuitton there are some excellent and free tips for you.

Learn SEO: How to Do Onpage Search Engine Optimization – Learn how to do effective onpage optimization. This is very basic and introductory. If you already know SEO then you’ll learn no new magic tricks here. My favorite part of this post is the comment on the bottom “There is nothing new here ….” I guess that person neglected to read the title of the post. (Always gotta be haters.)

How To Sitemap: Creating XML Sitemaps – There are people on both sides of the fence when it comes to the validity of XML sitemaps. Some even consider them a waste of time. I say it’s good practice and doesn’t require very much time (for the average site). The post provides a list of plugins for some of the more popular CMS’.

How To Sitemap: Search Engine Submission – Also considered by many to be a waste of time. The theory is that if you’re site has good architecture than this shouldn’t matter. I say if you have a new site, it sure doesn’t help to let the engines know you’re out there. This post is a great reference guide with links for submitting your site to all of the major search engines.

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